IGNOU MCA Project Synopsis of MCSP-060

IGNOU  MCSP-060 Project Synopsis

Category :  Master of Computer Applications  (MCA)

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IGNOU MCSP-060 Project Guidelines : Click Here

In order to successfully complete the IGNOU MCA- Master of Compuetr Applications, the learner must complete the requirements of Project Work pertaining to course MCSP-060.

The objective of the MCA project work is to develop quality software solution by following the software engineering principles and practices. During the development of the project the students should involve in all the stages of the software development life cycle like requirements engineering, systems analysis, systems design, software development, testing strategies and documentation with an overall emphasis on the development of reliable software systems. The primary emphasis of the project work is to understand and gain the knowledge of the principles of software engineering practices, so as to participate and manage a large software engineering projects in future.

Students are encouraged to spend at least six months working on a project preferably in a software industry or any research organization. Topics selected should be complex and large enough to justify as a MCA project. The courses studied by the students during the MCA programme provide them the comprehensive background to work on diverse application domains. Student will receive Project Guidelines along with their 5th semester course material. Students should strictly follow and adhere to the MCSP-060 project guidelines.

Two copies of report must be prepared. One copy of project report must be submitted to Student Evaluation Division while the other copy may be retained by the learner.  For more details and Project requirement,please send us an email at : ignouworld@gmail.com

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