IGNOU Master of Arts in Tourism Management (MTM) Solved Assignments 2013

IGNOU Master of Arts in Tourism Management (MTM) Solved Assignments 2013

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IGNOU MTM First Semster Solved Assignments

Course Code and Course Names
 MTM-1 Management Functions And Behaviour In Tourism AvailableEnglish
 MTM-2 Human Resource Planning And Development In Tourism AvailableEnglish
 MTM-3 Managing Personnel In Tourism AvailableEnglish
 MTM-4 Information Management And Information Systems In India AvailableEnglish

IGNOU MTM Second Semster Solved Assignments

 MTM-5 Accounting Finance And Working Capital For Tourism Managers AvailableEnglish
 MTM-6 Marketing For Tourism Managers AvailableEnglish
 MTM-7 Sales And Product Management In Tourism AvailableEnglish
 MTM-8 Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism AvailableEnglish

IGNOU MTM Third Semster Solved Assignments

 MTM-9 Understanding Tourism Markets AvailableEnglish
 MTM-10 Tourism Impacts AvailableEnglish
 MTM-11 Tourism Planning And Development AvailableEnglish
 MTM-16 Dissertation AvailableEnglish

IGNOU MTM Fourth Semster Solved Assignments

 MTM-12 Tourism Products: Design and Development AvailableEnglish
 MTM-13 Tourism Operations AvailableEnglish
 MTM-14 Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport) AvailableEnglish
 MTM-15 Meeting, Incentives, Conferences And Expositions (MICE) AvailableEnglish

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