IGNOU MA History (MAH) Solved Assignments 2018-19

IGNOU Master of Arts in History (MAH) Solved Assignments 2018-19

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IGNOU MA History (MAH) First Year Solved Assignments

Course CodeAvailability
 MHI-01 Ancient and Medieval SocietiesAvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MHI-02 Modern WorldAvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MHI-03 HistoriographyAvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MHI-04 Political Structures in IndiaAvailableEnglish / Hindi

IGNOU MA History (MAH) Second Year Solved Assignments

Course CodeAvailabilityMedium
 MHI-05 History of Indian Economy AvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MHI-06 Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages AvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MHI-08 History of Ecology and Environment: India AvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MPSE-003 Western Political Thought AvailableEnglish / Hindi
 MPSE-004 Social and Political Thought in Modern India AvailableEnglish / Hindi

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