IGNOU MA Economics Solved Assignments (MEC)

IGNOU MA Economics Solved Assignments, IGNOU Master of Arts in Economics (MEC) Solved Assignments:

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IGNOU MA Economics First Year Solved Assignments

Course Code and Course NamesAvailabilityMedium
 IGNOU MEC-001 Solved Assignment (Micro Economic Analysis) Available English
 IGNOU MEC-002 Solved Assignment (Macro Economic Analysis) Available English
 IGNOU MEC-003 Solved Assignment (Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis) Available English
 IGNOU MEC-004 Solved Assignment (Economics of Growth and Development) Available English
 IGNOU MEC-005 Solved Assignment (Indian Economic Policy) Available English

IGNOU MA Economics Second Year Solved Assignments

Course Code and Course NamesAvailabilityMedium
IGNOU MEC-006 Solved Assignment (Public Economics) Available English
IGNOU MEC-007 Solved Assignment (International Trade and Finance) Available English
IGNOU MEC-008 Solved Assignment (Economics of Social Sector and Environment) Available English
 IGNOU MEC-009 Solved Assignment (Research Methods in Economics) Available English
IGNOU MECP-001 Project Work Available English
IGNOU MECE-001 Solved Assignment (Econometric Methods) Available English
IGNOU MECE-003 Solved Assignment (Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice) Available English
IGNOU MECE-004 Solved Assignment (Financial Institutions and Markets) Available English
IGNOU MECE-002 Solved Assignment (Computer Applications in Economic Analysis) Available English

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